Lichfield Garrick Theatre

9C Richard III

9C Richard III

Lichfield Festival 2017

VENUE: Lichfield Guildhall

Playing on Sunday 9 Jul 2017

Festival favourites The Malachites return for their third year in a row, bringing their unique treatment of Shakespeare’s Richard III to the Guildhall. Celebrating Garrick 300, this production has been specially selected to honour Garrick in one of his most celebrated roles.

The new King Edward IV is on the throne, bringing the bloody Wars of the Roses to an end after many years of rivalry between the Houses of Lancaster and York. But while many look forward to peace in this new reign, for some such as Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the battle is just beginning...

The Malachites are undoubtedly a theatre company to watch; after seeing one of their offerings, you will be driven to see another.

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