Lichfield Garrick Theatre

Made In Dagenham

Made In Dagenham

Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company presents

Main Auditorium

Playing from Tuesday 28 Mar 2017

Amateur Production

Dagenham, Essex 1967. Rita is a working mother within the car industry where women are treated and paid unfairly. She becomes drawn into an industrial dispute and finds herself taking a leading role in what will become a historic turning point for the nation. Can Rita fulfil her obligation to her  colleagues and rescue her relationship with her husband and children who feel neglected by her new found focus

Made in Dagenham the Musical is based on the 2010 film of the same name which was itself based on real events of the Ford sewing machinist strike of 1968.The arena of industrial relations in 1960’s Britain is a world of conniving employers, outrageous colleagues and scheming politicians. This is all presented with moments of high comedy and drama in inventive musical numbers like “Everyone Out”, “Busy Woman”, “We Nearly Had it All” and “Stand Up”.

Show Times and Booking

Tue 28 Mar7:30 PM£20Book Now
Wed 29 Mar7:30 PM£20Book Now
Thu 30 Mar7:30 PM£20Book Now
Fri 31 Mar7:30 PM£20Book Now
Sat 1 Apr2:30 PM£18Book Now
Sat 1 Apr7:30 PM£20Book Now


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