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  • Wait-Until-Dark-Review-By-Will-Allman-Of-South-Staffordshire-College

Wait Until Dark review by Will Allman of South Staffordshire College

posted 12 Oct 2017
Wait Until Dark review by Will Allman of South Staffordshire College

Wait Until Dark is a thrilling play set in the 60’s featuring with a cast number of around 7 people. It’s a clever and unique performance set up by the Original theatre company based on the 1967 movie of the same name. It is a gripping tale of a blind woman being tormented by 3 con-men, searching for something within her house. It stars actors like Jack Ellis (Who starred in such hit shows like Prime suspect and Bad girls) as well as Oliver Mellor (Who starred in Coronation street).

Firstly, the cast of the show did remarkably well, performing to the best of their abilities by showing distinct accents when the con-men acted as different people, and by doing actions that felt realistic and professional. It was clear that the company orchestrating this performance had done a good job with rehearsals and casting. One amazing actor had to be the leading lady did an incredible job portraying herself to be blind, as it felt like she really was. However, during some scene changes, stagehands came out to move props about the place, when it felt like the actors could’ve done it themselves. Especially when with one case it was just a bunch of plates, it really sucked me out of the experience. Besides that, the cast was phenomenal.

Secondly, the tech. Most shows that are being performed on the stage need a constant light to illuminate the entire stage to show what they are doing, however Wait Until Dark does the opposite of this by having hardly any light at all. This feature becomes key in the second act, when some scenes are done in absolute darkness. The thrilling and tense atmosphere being created by this is truly frightening. More shows should use techniques like this. The music was period correct, as well as used to help with the tension of the performance, except for some of the scene transitions and before and after the interval where loud music was played. It did tell us when the scene was changing, but the noise is so loud and it felt like it was a scare. Besides that, top notch tech for the show.

Lastly, the set and props of the show were used greatly to set up the time period and also foreshadow certain events. The set was possibly the most eye catching. It was a 2 story set with a staircase and many other housing features like a kitchen, a living room and a front porch. The props were also used to aid with the fact that the leading lady was blind by having her feel around for certain objects. The set and props were used exceptionally.

In conclusion, Wait Until Dark has to be a play everyone needs to see at least once, if not more than once. I believe the Original theatre company is doing a splendid job and should make more performances just like this one. I have to give this show a 5/5 for having an astonishing cast, a wonderful use of tech, an exceptional understanding of the set and props, and most of all, use (or lack) of lighting. If you have to see one show this month, please make it this one.

5/5 - Utterly fantastic