Lichfield Garrick Theatre

12F The Swingles

12F The Swingles

Lichfield Festival 2017

VENUE: Garrick Main Auditorium

Playing on Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

Where there’s life, there is song. Every culture has its lullabies, laments, serenades, work and war songs – songs for life’s defining moments and daily rituals. Inspired by their experiences touring the world, The Swingles have been digging through the musical crates and traditions of countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Portugal, China and the Philippines. From choral polyphony to instrumental reels and ragas, they have found stories and melodies that speak loudly to them, and woven innovative arrangements around them, transporting them to the distinctive world of sound that sets the five-time Grammy winners apart from any other vocal group on the planet. This is music both exotic and universal, surprising and comforting. It is, in the truest sense, folk music: music that gets to the heart of what it means to be human.

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Wed 12 Jul8:00 PM£15, £18Book Now


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