Lichfield Garrick Theatre

7A & 7D Morbid Curiosities

7A & 7D Morbid Curiosities

Lichfield Festival 2017

VENUE: Erasmus Darwin House

Playing on Friday 7 Jul 2017

Be chilled by the Queens of Victorian horror fiction with our theatrical portmanteau of vintage blood-curdlers! This original stage thriller features all-new adaptations of The Yellow Wallpaper, The Old Nurse's Story and John Charrington's Wedding. Allow the ghouls of the nineteenth-century to crawl from their crypts, as we show how the female of the species can be even deadlier than the male...

The Secret Space is a new Festival performance venue in the cellars of Erasmus Darwin House. An informal intimate theatre space that is transformed for each production. Book early as spaces are limited.

In partnership with Erasmus Darwin House Museum

Show Times and Booking

Fri 7 Jul6:00 PM£11Book Now
Fri 7 Jul8:30 PM£11Book Now


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