Lichfield Garrick Theatre

Comedy 42 - February

Comedy 42 - February

Comedy 42 brings you the best comedians from across the country and around the world

Studio Theatre

Playing on Friday 17 Feb 2017

Imran Yusuf - Headliner

Michael McIntyre's Roadshow

Edinburgh Comedy award winner

“By not focussing on the obvious racial stereotypes, he wins over the entire audience. His happy, positive personality leaves them feeling uplifted, energised and privileged to have had An Audience with Imran Yusuf.” Chortle

“Imran Yusuf’s show heralds the birth of a new comedy star. Intelligent, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny it’s a glorious debut.” Time Out

“Imran Yusuf has to be one of the most captivating, energetic, and animated stand up comedians I’ve ever seen. His act is at a mile a minute, and he doesn’t let off for any of it.” The New Current

Harriet Kemsley - Middle


 'A quirky very funny new stand up...her style is refreshingly original and she's a seriously good writer,' TIME OUT

Andy White - Opener

 BBC New comedy awards

"The laughs turned to applause many times for Andy" Suzanne Worthington, BBC Cumbria

"Had me exercising my pelvic floor muscles to avoid an accident" Karen Slater, BBC Tees

"Undeniably entertaining"


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Fri 17 Feb7:30 PM£16Book Now


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