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For Schools

We are delighted to be working in partnership with South Staffs College & South Staffordshire University, enabling students to train in a professional working environment with our wonderful staff team here at The Lichfield Garrick. These partnerships mean that The Lichfield Garrick Theatre is fast becoming a venue leading the way as a ‘Learning Theatre' offering a resource for training, mentorship and artistic excellence. The academic teams work alongside the theatre teams enabling the students to benefit from having a truly unique learning experience.

We have a whole theatre-full of resources at your disposal, including our skilled and talented staff. As a Learning Theatre, we actively encourage schools to explore the theatre-making process with us and share in the work that is normally kept behind closed doors. Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs, even to a particular exam board's requirements and can be anything from an introduction to all areas of the theatre, to detailed work on devising, designing, marketing and finance or even how our chef's chose and create their menus. Our workshops can involve working with our director, technicians, the Learning team, actors or staff from other departments such at Business, Front of House, Finance, Marketing, IT and Catering.

We are delighted to present a broad indication of the workshops available to you. Our new programme of learning focusses on supporting you as an educator to reach your goals, where we are able to design workshops more closely suited to your needs, which are then delivered here at The Lichfield Garrick or within your schools. All of these workshops are also available as CPD opportunities, offering the chance for your educators to learn how to run creative sessions in these areas themselves.

To book a workshop for your school or to find out more please contact education@lichfieldgarrick.com

We believe that a strong Learning Programme must constantly be developing, and so are always open to suggestions of how we can broaden our Learning Programme. If you have any ideas of your own you would like us to action then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Bespoke Workshops

We strongly believe that creative engagement with all subjects and topics can offer new perspectives and every student the chance to access their learning, be they drama, maths or even PSHE/Citizenship related. We at the Lichfield Garrick are always open to developing and designing new workshops to suit your needs, so if you have an idea for how creative learning can benefit your class or school, please get in touch and develop those ideas with us!


Physical Theatre Workshop

This is a very physical workshop for students offering them a new and exciting approach to devising. We will be exploring lift techniques and strategies for devising, creating character and structuring drama. There are exercises on the play and replay of daily life as used by contemporary companies such as Frantic Assembly and more traditional chorus based physical theatre used by Steven Berkoff. We will also explore how to approach text in a very physical way and how music can influence the development of a piece.

Introductory Practitioner Workshops.

If you are working with a particular drama practitioner, be it contemporary, classical or 20th Century, The Garrick can utilize it's broad scope of artists to develop a workshop designed specifically to introduce or develop the techniques, ethos, and practical application of your chosen practitioner, aiding students in building a rounded understanding of the practitioner and their work.


Text - Unlocking The Secrets Workshop

These workshops help students to examine, analyse and engage with play texts. The workshop offering insight into tried and tested techniques for discovering intricacies within texts, understanding and creating characters and uncovering direction and themes within the writing. The workshop has a practical focus, offering students many new exercises to help them understand and experiment with text. This workshop can be applied to both Drama Curriculums and English Literature Curriculums, and can be applied to both primary and secondary age groups.


Exploring Shakespeare Workshop

These workshops tackle the difficulty and joy of working with Shakespeare's texts, offering practical strategies to assist students with decoding, understanding, and performing the words of the bard. These workshops can offer practical toolkits for students new to Shakespeare's work, or offer new exercises and techniques to students experienced with reading and performing Shakespeare. The workshop has a practical focus but is suitable for both Drama and English Literature Curriculums, primary and secondary age groups, and we are excited to work on any text of your choice.


Production Workshop

As well as offering the opportunity for participants to work creatively, The Garrick also offers workshops exploring the practical and business side of theatre-making. This workshop offers students the opportunity to learn how to produce their own shows or tours, how to reach out to production venues, how to budget shows appropriate to scale, and how to conduct themselves as a viable business. Offering a rare opportunity to prepare students for the realities of creating their own work professionally, our Production workshop is a must for anyone considering a career in the Arts.